This is NOT the TOP SECRET Speech. It is about why such a speech is, always has been, and always will be TOP SECRET.

The MEMO perhaps.

65 years after winning a World War that the Nazis didn't lose, we're hoping that Barack Obama is the DISCLOSURE President.

A man unwilling to disclose the truth about the simplest questions concerning the legitimacy of that very Presidency. Questions every American has the right to ask without being called denigrating names. Questions deflected, dismissed, and KEPT FROM BEING ANSWERED by lawyers that make O.J.'s Dream Team look like Boy Scouts trying to earn their Law Merit Badges. A candidate that twisted Rev. Jeremiah Wright's words in order to throw his friend under the bus to insure that same bus ended up at the White House. A Commander-In-Chief that has now kicked a manned Mars mission by NASA so far into the future, the only deadline the country that landed on the Moon in a decade has now is that he lives to see it.

If he makes 86 that will give America until 2050.



Maybe the first meeting for anyone, fraud or not, who makes it into the Oval Office, is with a group of Beings that tell the new Leader of the Free World the way it really is, and what will and will not be done about it. Another group may wait just outside, ready, willing, and able, to end his career if he doesn't play ball. Continuing to be President may be enough to keep anyone in line such that JFK - and an assassination on National TV - doesn't need to be mentioned though the threat will always be there.

Maybe "the way it really is" is actually enough.

Tom Rob Smith in his excellent novel about the effect on the Soviet Union when Kruschev let the cat out of the bag, provides several fictional reasons why THAT mistake won't be made again.

--- I work hard for the State. I live in a place where no one else wants to live. I work with the most dangerous prisoners in the world. I have done things no one else wanted to do. I was taught how to be a leader. Then I was told those lessons were wrong. One minute it is law to do a certain kind of thing. The next minute, it is a crime. The law says I should be strict. The law says I should be lenient.

To quote Pee-Wee Herman: "the law*..."

OFFICIAL A of the Bush Administration; a dual citizen of Germany and the United States, and grandson of a Nazi who built concentration camps, is on record as saying that the main reason for not "cutting & running" in Iraq was the inability to admit to the country that American troops had died in vain.


A new President however, on record as voting against the invasion of Iraq, can sidestep the problem by bringing back troops he was not responsible for risking, even as he continues a war in Afghanistan that we're losing. Potus 45 can bring THEM home and not have to explain their deaths either.


But who is done wrong is never addressed.

Given this example of absolute power corrupting absolutely, is there still any reason for a system that has held back advanced technology - however obtained - that may have solved many of the problems the Human Race faces today, to admit their inhumane treatment of their fellow Man, and do so publicly, when that very admission will not only not serve their own interests, but is itself the biggest threat to those same interests? Especially when they have NOT done that very thing decade, after decade, after decade?

Once the effect of the changes made to the Soviet Union - the facts "prematurely and suddenly made public without adequate preparation and conditioning" - forces Kruschev to tone it down and try again, "The Secret Speech" answers how, even that, may be accomplished. Over, and over, and over.

--- No one is going back to Stalinism. There will be no more mass arrests. The camps are closing. Interrogation cells are being ripped out. These changes are in progress. They will continue. But they must continue in secret, without any admission of wrongdoing. We shall go forward... without looking back.


Perhaps the "Disclosure President" in his efforts to deal with what may become the biggest oil spill in history - its duration ultimately kept track of like every other hostage crisis situation (DAY _ _ _) - and if he is the Leader he allowed us to believe, will personally DISCLOSE what is responsible instead of merely who or how much.

When THAT happens, perhaps "the news" may be worth watching again, if it ever was.




*"Unthinking obedience by young males to older males is the most highly prized of all conditioned reflexes within human, and hominid, societies."

  Hagbard Celine