To paraphrase Arthur C. Clarke (Peace be upon him):

"Either the Bush Administration knows exactly what they are doing, or they don't.
Both possibilities are equally terrifying."


"It is, therefore, not an exaggeration to say that if the city of New York were suddenly replaced by a ball of fire, some significant percentage of the American population would see a silver-lining in the subsequent mushroom cloud, as it would suggest to them that the best thing that is ever going to happen was about to happen: the return of Christ . . . Imagine the consequences if any significant component of the U.S. government actually believed that the world was about to end and that its ending would be glorious. The fact that nearly half of the American population apparently believes this, purely on the basis of religious dogma, should be considered a moral and intellectual emergency."

Sam Harris -- Letter To A Christian Nation


"...Ga-LAX-y! If it didn't involve a Seldon Crisis, I would leave right now!"

-- Ebling Mis



09_23_06!SHIFT HAPPENS: The Days After

Who knew DOD stood for Death Of Dissent?

The 5th Anniversary of 9-11 has come and gone and Karl Rove is still in power, with FOX NEWS at his beck and call. Bush is bailing, the American People are more divided than ever, and The United States Air Force is officially suggesting that non-lethal weapons be tested on American protestors before they're turned on Islamo-Fascists.

The public loves a round number, so those who were ready to go on the day of our "New Pearl Harbor", now have until 2012 to bring about the end of the world as we know it. Plenty of time.

Today however, the headlines are screaming: "Will partisan bickering bring about another 9-11?"

Shut up or be blamed for what is already planned.

Conform or be cast out.

Or use the secret weapon you've held back till the time is right.

On September 23rd; yet another 5 year anniversary, that's exactly what will happen. On that day, the voices of the many will be beyond the control of the few, and the Path FROM 9-11 will take a radical turn unsuspected by those who dominate the microwaves and the airwaves. An action that will expose both before it is over. A process that begins with a click of a mouse on this final update's icon; linked to a future far more than expected hope will put the "American" back into the New American Century.

"Before we face our enemies, we must face ourselves."



GOD BLESS BOB!SHIFT HAPPENS: Ancient Bavarian Conspiracy

ABC and Disney are in on it too. The shame, the shame.

You won't see "Fahrenheit 9/11" on an American Airlines flight, but your kids were meant to see "The Path To 9-11" at school.

Now, who's in control of what?

Who said this: "dedicated to a Godly transformation and revolution TO and THROUGH the Film and Television Industry", and which of these "re-envisionings" of 9-11 was it said about?










And there's still 5 days to go.

Want to bet Norm Mineta isn't asked a single question in any of these predecessors of "9-11: THE SERIES", or "the 9-11 Channel"?

Why isn't "Loose Change" on this "fair and balanced" list? Who would Korey Rowe and Dylan Avery have had to pitch their extraordinary documentary to to get the facts before the American People? The same people that signed off on "OPERATION SAVE AS"?

When do you think "Death Of A President" will make it to your multiplex mega20 CineMall?

The Soviet Union, with it's airbrushed photos of party members that fell from favor, has nothing on whoever is massaging "our" data, making sure the treasonous aspect of what happened 5 years ago never sees the light.

Art imitating Life and vice versa may be what Life and Art are for. The war for men's minds, or at least for control of the "post 9-11 mentality" however, is a battle Artists cannot afford to lose with Life as we know it at stake.

Anyone content to allow false depictions and lies in support of what they believe should recall their own reaction to "The Day After Tomorrow"; a film that pointed to a solution, not political enemies. Art that brought those with open minds together, not propaganda designed to isolate, distract, enable and blame.

What's next? Glenn Beck on Air America? George Noory on Glenn Beck? A poison penned pep rally with the President delivering his own prime-time 9-11 speech prior to the mini-series he already knows will back him up for weeks to come?

There is only one Beck and his name is JEFF.

There is no God but GOD.




Of course you are.

The Madison Avenue ad execs who service the Dr. Scholl's account tell the world every day that Americans are as lame as it gets while every night, Cable News makes us look twice as stupid.

The difference between Darren Stevens (either version) and his Boss is still with us. It keeps a lot to keep Samantha happy, the baby fed, and that new car in the driveway of a house you don't truly own. Paying the futility bill has become the American way of life.

It's enough to force your son to grow up refusing to become Larry Tate. But does that make him any less an American?

Don't ask Azzam the American. You won't believe the answer.

You're too busy gellin'.



But don't let THAT stop you.

The President of the United States is scared to death of debating the President of Iran with the whole world watching.

FOX NEWS converts to Islam at gunpoint only to stoop lower than their captors by recanting as soon as they feel safe again.

Mel Gibson finds out that Free Speech is no longer free.

NORAD is closing. Guess they won't be much help this September 11th either.

Osama himself (read ROGUE STATE yet?), has told us the name of at least one American he DOESN'T hate.

Let's give the woman who sings the Star Spangled Banner even better than Jimi played it, her chance to speak for those who know we need a new Chief.

Only one person on the Planet has that advantage, and she's an American.


Karen Hughes certainly wasn't the answer, no matter what the true Harpies are paid to not tell you.



Everything the Führer did was perfectly legal too.

How many more Americans must die fighting for the Bush Administration while they think they're fighting for their country?

The prehistoric Stegosaurus had a brain so small that it could receive a mortal blow yet continue lumbering forward before realizing it was dead.

THAT is staying the course.

JUST SAY NO, even though there's a law against it, because some things are NEVER forgotten.



Costner is in on it...

His voice-over of the 5 year old official 9-11 cover story; with no mention of the 2001 VIGILANT GUARDIAN exercises when VIGILANT GUARDIAN is scheduled once again for September 11, 2006, was almost as chilling as waking up with a horse's head at the foot of your bed.

Even more chilling are the slew of docu-dramas popping up almost daily to promote what "really happened" on 9-11, a month before the five year anniversary of the single event that allowed Bush to invade Iraq and threaten everyone else.

Beyond chilling however, are the random shots of the rumored detention facilities within the United States; empty now, but in place for years. Waiting to house not only those who don't do as they're told, but those who don't believe what they're told.

How the creative force behind Dances With Wolves, Waterworld, and The Postman, can be hard at work on RED DAWN 2, may be beyond even me.

Maybe not.





War doesn't work.

Negotiation does. Until someone bails.

What can you throw down on the table we are all at, that will end the conflict forever? What is it you cling to at the expense of all else.

All else.

Perhaps we have been worried far too long about "Or else!", to look at anything but.

Perhaps no one will start a war ever again for fear of being "exposed, before your peers".

Everyone on Earth knows what the next line is.


WHAT GOD WANTSSHIFT HAPPENS: "What has become of America?"

Stuck in San Diego in 1969, the closest I got to Woodstock was a theatre that no longer exists. My friends and I; some crazier than others, counted the Marshalls and took the obligatory toke as the joints were passed down the rows during Arlo Guthrie's set. We marveled at the Gold Top, Alvin Lee's hair, and the effect of Santana on that blonde in the audience. We shouted with Country Joe and clammed up when challenged by Sly.

We lived three days in less than three hours and appreciated every crafted minute of it, even when Jimi stamped "GUITARDED" across our teen-aged foreheads and we were shown the doors that closed behind us, leaving us back in our Navy Town.

There was one scene however, that at least one of us knew led beyond what we were and what we weren't.

28 years later, I rented and showed Woodstock to Spec & Mirage, a Ukiah couple that hadn't even been born when Swami Satchidananda proclaimed: "America is becoming... Holy."

Mirage and Spec have broken up, I've been initiated more than half my life, and America has become a target.

In a recent interview on State Controlled Radio, another Musician told how one of his crazy friends had coined the term "Waslam". Soon after hearing that, I was pulling out of an India Sweets & Spices parking lot with my Nag Champa as a starched white, dark skinned Muslim was pulling in. He parked just spaces away as I pondered whether he was there for incense too. With Sly Stone urging me on, I drove over to his closed window and tapped my horn. After all, I had been grilled by the local Imam before he translated "DON'T TREAD ON ME" and "What Religion Is God?" into farsi for me over a year ago, so how awkward could this be?

After the window slowly rolled down, I spoke first:

"Are you a Muslim?"
"So, you practice Waslam?"
"What is that?"
"Waslam is as Islam was."

There was quite a pause before he spoke again:

"But, Allah is ONE."
"Then there's no cause for strife?"
"That's what I thought..."

We parted smiling, and both breathing considerably easier.



Remember that when someone tries to tell you why "they" hate "us.



SHIFT HAPPENS: Third World Warfare

"I was angry because I had no shoes 'til I saw a man who had no feet. Now I'm really pissed off."

Todd Snider owns an ENDLESS BUMMER, and a GOLDEN RULE is on it's way to a total stranger in Michigan. The current crisis in Man's treatment of his fellow Man can be traced to Concurrent Resolution 460, and Usama Bin Laden himself; not officially connected to 9-11 by the FBI, points to the shelling of Beirut by the U.S.S. New Jersey approved by Ronald Reagan as the true start of the "War On Terror."

Humor may be Rock & Roll's greatest weapon, but the Art that supports and inspires Rock itself may be the secret weapon that stops those who fail to THINK YOUNG from rushing off the cliff they alone cannot see.

Politicians make their living by threatening your children's feet, but the Bleeding Hearts and the Artists point to the real cause of having to fight them over there instead of over here.

Maybe doing your best will turn out to have been good enough after all.



Two nights ago, Dr. Steven Greer announced that SETI; the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence, had received a plethora of messages, but did not provide location or frequency of same.

In fact, it is a single message received on a plethora of arrays and frequencies.

First received at Arecibo on the 9th of June; within 10 minutes of the Israeli shelling of the beaches of Gaza, and jammed ever since, the message has repeated throughout the current conflict, becoming more and more relevant with each passing hour. Each deadly day.


Dr. Greer also alluded to CIA documents in which the agency described itself in control of major media outlets -- able with impunity to sanitize or delete any story to fit current policy. Current policy voiced by a "turned" Carl Sagan.

The very first C2C caller couldn't wait to remind Dr. Greer of Sagan's famous disclaimer: "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence"... just the kind of pre-emptive statement one might make on behalf of the POWERS THAT BE having been assured that THERE WILL BE NO "extraordinary evidence".

A ruse that still works on late night's smartest talk-show radio audience in 2006.

Maybe "PEOPLE ARE NO DAMN GOOD", or maybe it's as simple as GOD MUST GO!

TUESDAY, JULY 25, 2006



SHIFT HAPPENS: Sympathy for the Devil

"We're all Israelis now!"

The first words out of my mouth as I watched the North Tower burning on the morning of September 11th, 2001, were "Someone has got some balls". Followed shortly by the "Israeli" statement as the second tower was hit and the official terrorist explanation was spread on every channel.

By the time Osama Bin Laden had been blamed, former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed my suspicions when he was asked what the attacks would mean for US-Israeli relations. His quick reply was: "It's very good..."

With an "OOOPS!" thought bubble plainly visible above his head, he continued: Well, it's not good, but it will generate immediate sympathy (for Israel)".

From DAY ONE then, it has been obvious why someone would take such a risk for such a result, as it has become just as obvious that it was NOT who we were constantly being told it was.

Much has been said about the five dancing Israelis and MOSSAD/PNAC involvment in instituting Netanyahu's "Clean Break" policy, and many have figured out who the true villains of 9-11 may be by simply seeing who has profited the most from the death of our fellow Americans.

C-SPAN will run the most damning evidence yet on Saturday the 29th, and every American should watch every minute of what can only be called a historic broadcast.

The problem is that we are definitely in PHASE TWO of the process to turn America into Israel. Now that we're getting comfortable sitting on Starbuck's patios again, Israel launches the perfect war: one in which they are guaranteed support from a still frightened America; a nation so afraid of Mexicans, we're ready to clear our own 21 kilometer "safety zone" starting at the southern border, especially now that there's a precedent.

"We're all Hezbollah now!". At least 86% of us...

Gonna be a long two years...






Simple enough.

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."
Perhaps simplest of all.

If Great Merit can be attained, this sure looks like a Great Time to start.

How many times has a hand reached up to stave off the mortal blow? What was the World like at the instant the hand with the sword failed to fall?

The pointed finger failed to condemn?

Where those defeats, or moments when Life at the brink of Death won the Day.

Facing the Monster alone, distracting IT enough to allow someone, someone with guts, to sneak up behind him as he prepares to wish you into the cornfield, just might work this time.

Maybe there's only one Mind Pirate. Maybe one is all it takes. MAYBE NOT. But maybe they ARE everywhere; descendants of Cassandra & the Flying Dutchman, true heirs of NEMO, doing the unimaginable AND the unthinkable.

If you're worried about what the last sentence meant, you'll love the next one.

Who or what is the Remote Liberation Front? COMMAND Z?

Timely inventions, or signals to a time to come? If they're here, perhaps the Time is too, and the signals were just what was needed.

There may be as many answers to those questions as there are people to ask, but SPACE COMMAND is at BRAVO-PLUS, the aspects of government that apparently matter have been underground for over a week, and it's just going to get weirder from here on out at the MAD COW Grille called Earth.

Tired of hearing that everything is acceptable because "We're at War", from someone who started it?


Disappointed in those who can't possibly know what they're talking about selling you your ticket to their lecture for $1,000?


As for me... I'm taking tomorrow off.

But I'll be back when the page linked to the 21st Century JOLLY ROGER, Pam, Jesus, and the Vostok Pyramids goes active.

More Claire Bare later... promise.

Declare your Independence until then.

"The Lord giveth. The Fnords taketh away." -- Sylvester


DOG EAT DOGSHIFT HAPPENS: More American than you

One of the more terrifying scenes in the Exorcist took place in Iraq. Father Merrin; the image of the statue of Pazuzu burned into his mind, is confronted with two Iraqi dogs fighting to the death as he retreats from an encounter he is not yet ready for. Friedkin's point may be that the ancient Demon has such power that he can control the behavior around him. Behavior that may go back to the dawn of Evil itself.

Evil waiting for the slightest excuse to tear into our reality.

Perhaps more unsettling still was the network premiere last night of the remade "Texas Chainsaw Massacre". Not just that there IS a remake, but that after realizing that the post-Red State movie itself was cut into ever smaller pieces by commercial breaks, one was threatened by snarling, "fangs out" contributors and "guests" with R- in front of their names; threatening not only their rivals but the Americans that support same, up and down the double-digit dial.

The house that the kids from "That Other '70's Show" always end up in, may be in walking distance of the Crawford Ranch -- putting a certain neighbor in the White House -- but more horrible yet is the slavering attack; not on enemy combatants in a War On Terror, but on the minds of Americans who can't even afford the gas for a road trip in the summer of 2006.

All week long, those who believe that the death of Al-Zarqawi is the turning point in the pointless fog of war, have been unleashed and loosed upon an unsuspecting public that still thinks SOME of the news is still fair and balanced.

I don't know why no one made "BACK TO BAGHDAD"; the capstone to the Exorcist franchise that could have dealt with the reality of the true demon behind the Iraq War. Maybe it's because one newscaster who need not be feared signed off tonight with: "On this, the 1,154th day since MISSION ACCOMPLISHED was declared in Iraq".... and THAT is frightening enough.

TUESDAY, JUNE 27, 2006


What would the Founding Fathers think of flag burning?

Could you explain it to them?

Would the authors of the Bill Of Rights seek to punish or understand?

Punishment may be all the United States has left. Perhaps all that's needed to turn the country into something unrecognizable to those who dared found it, is an issue that finally allows those with no desire or need to understand, to start dismantling the very documents that guaranteed the self-evident freedoms that some now find inconvenient, if not intolerable.

The real desecration in the Flag Burning Constitutional Amendment is of an individual American's ability to make a good decision based on their knowledge of right and wrong, not the threat of retribution from those who have already taken everything that wasn't nailed down.

A decision that may doom Old Glory to the NO GLORY category occupied by the Swastika and the Hammer & Sickle; symbols that graced the flags of nations known for punishing ideas, not seeking understanding of citizens who disagreed with the Party.

A decision that only makes sense if the goal is to keep Americans from making decisions at all.



We are being set up for the REAL "crackdown".

Americans who aren't "staying the course" run the risk of finding themselves exposed as an "Al-Qaeda wannabe" ready to "cut & run"; part of a "homegrown sleeper cell", even if there's never any evidence to support the televised charge.

If you're lucky, you won't end up on the Cheney Channel with a semi-libelous character generated statement -- approved by corporate lawyers solely because it ends with a question mark -- under your face; given the "last word" by an "activist newscaster" who's timed your response to fit in with the "hard break" they're up against.

If you're observant however, you may have already realized that activist newcaster is the only term in quotes so far that you've NEVER heard Hannity, Blitzer, Gibson, Cavuto, Matthews, Scarborough, Zahn, O'Reilly, Carlson, Hume, or Kasich use.

You'll never hear it from the Beltway Boys either.

"Activist" will continue to demean Judges doing their job. Kept in place since the Schiavo case by those who put it there; masters of innuendo, denigration, the negative attack ad, and the disingenuous sound byte.

Hidden manipulators who sign the paychecks or threaten treason and imprisonment for simply telling the truth.

Crafty craftsmen who will do nothing to threaten the effectiveness of their most effective tools.

In the months to come, we may all come to believe the truth and treason inherent in two quotes that have been with us since the beginning:

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it."

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."



Lou Dobbs may be the first newscaster to have a heart attack on national TV.

When he finally realizes how he's been used; almost single-handedly handing the "Illegal Immigrant Crackdown" strategy to the very people who are building a super highway to connect the North American Union, he may not be able to show his familiar, comforting face on CNN or anywhere else again.

The Bilderbergers have spoken and Dubai retains control of 22 American ports, Scooter Libby is to be pardoned, and Karl Rove will remain unhindered; free to whip the American population into a frenzy that will end in the alienation of 20 million Mexicans by the 59,054,087 voters who frantically search for anything to prove their disastrous choice right.

Lou almost blew a valve over Dubai, and time will tell the damage he did today by insisting on reading the results of a poll which asked his audience if the North American Union and the 400 yard wide highway that will cut the United States in two, should be voted on.


In what may come to be known as the most dangerous moment in TV, he revealed that over 80% of his viewers demanded such a vote. Viewers about to find out tomorrow that their opinions, hopes, and demands mean nothing to those now in power.

Will they find the courage to take matters into their own hands, like Ripley on the NOSTROMO, when she realizes her employer values the return of the Alien that is slaughtering her crew more than the lives of the crew itself?

Some of us are already planning to "take our chances in the shuttle..."

MONDAY, JUNE 19, 2006


Yep, it's the STAY TUFF Midterm Man...

A recent letter sent to a Republican Senator from a constituent demanding the Senator become accountable to the people while placing a needed check and balance on Bush's criminality, was answered thus:

Thank you for contacting me about our country's leadership. I appreciate you taking the time to write. I do not believe that the President, Vice President, or any members of his cabinet have acted in any manner that deserves impeachment. President Bush and his administration have had extremely difficult decisions to make in light of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, and I feel that the Administration has done a good job in leading the country in the War on Terrorism.

Additionally, it is important to remember that within the Constitution of the United States, a system of checks and balances was established to limit the powers of the federal government by dividing the authority of government among the three branches. Therefore, Congress and the Supreme Court provide oversight to what the President and his cabinet members decide to do. These checks and balances have served our republic well over the last 230 years.

Again, thank you for writing to share your concerns. Although our views may differ on this important issue, I really appreciate you taking the time to write. I look forward to hearing from you again.

Sure he does.

Time to cross the streams.



This is the right shoulder af a U.S. soldier as he takes aim at yet another Iraqi. He has been given permission to kill by George W. Bush; an executioner himself, with the blood of thousands on his own hands.

The history of the Peace Symbol is as unknowable as who Jesus spent the night with the night before he too, was murdered by those "given the job". Symbols and the allegiances that they represent are tricky because no one -- from Satanists to Christians -- truly knows what they're swearing allegiance to, but everyone knows the reaction to displaying the American Flag upside down.

This guy however -- permanently marked with the semaphore signal for the letter "N" (nuclear) superimposed over the semaphore signal for the letter "D" (disarmament), surrounded by a circle (representing the concept "total"), REVERSED -- as he fires Depleted Uranium ammunition forged from America's nuclear waste; ammunition that will deform his own grandchildren if he lives to reproduce, will probably start a trend that would make Gracchus Gruad himself grin.

The United States is as frustrated as Georgina Spelvin looking for an orgasm in Hell.

The Resurgency threatens to cover us in more than blood as all those who have borne an ever-increasing load of guilt and shame for their tacit approval of the last six years, struggle for permission to ignore their mistake.

Brought to their knees by fear, they only need to be told that they're still standing proud and protected.

Protection. Didn't that used to be when a gangster would threaten an innocent shopkeeper with future disaster to extort money from same? Wasn't the gangster's next tactic to demand even more after he had left his victim alone long enough to claim his "protection" worked?

Maybe the essence of the American Dream is that while you're learning to fulfill it, someone else is free to turn it into a nightmare.

Americans are supposed to know the difference.

Attaining great merit may be the only way to survive the Hell that others make for us. On Father's Day, it behooves us all to remember the words of one of the greatest; one who acted whether he had permission or not: " There are many things I would die for, but none I would kill for." -- Bapu



No, that wasn't the headline, though it was the first thought in everyone's mind who saw the NEW Bush -- still frisky from the frisson of "bringing Zarqawi to justice" -- duck yet another question about an even friskier Karl Rove who, having escaped "justice" himself, is getting back to making that Permanent Republican Majority PERMANENT.

All anyone can report today is how the magnanimous Commander-In-Chief belatedly apologized to a legally blind reporter who deserved an answer, not a denigrating remark about his shades. The reporter; author of a book coming out next month titled "One Party Country: The Republican Plan for Dominance in the 21st Century," had asked about White House credibility in the aftermath of top aide Karl Rove having been cleared in the CIA leak investigation. Asked of a President who uses signing statements to say one thing while planning to do another.

A very long time ago, in a Red State, I saw a red plate emblazoned with a scowling man stuffed into a very small box. The caption was "PEOPLE ARE NO DAMN GOOD!". I thought it a sad joke then and over the decades I have managed to believe otherwise, but with Bush as Billy Mumy; terrorizing all around him while they watch "all the television there is", lest they get wished into a cornfield or have the most powerful man in America turn their child into a grotesque walking horror... there appears to be some truth to the statement.

At least there were no Timbuk3 references.

Only in the Twilght Zone would you expect to hear the Beatles and the Who selling automobiles and credit cards. How dare Madison Avenue use Spencer Davis and possibly the greatest riff of all time to sell Wall Street?

I may never meet Pat MacDonald, but the fact that he has turned down millions to keep "The future's so bright I gotta wear shades" from betraying the generation it spoke to, proves that "PEOPLE ARE NO DAMN GOOD!" doesn't apply to everybody.

TUESDAY, JUNE 13, 2006


Yeager is suing his kids.

O'Reilly calls on Michelle Malkin to back up Ann Coulter after she calls the 9-11 Widows harpies.


Ramadi is surrounded and still filled with women and children as the country thrills at the televised death of Al-Zarqawi, while the suicides of three detainees; charged with nothing yet held for years, is labeled an act of "political war" against the United States.

Insurgence, resurgence. Which is more dangerous and to whom?

And it's all OK as long as it's not your face on TV, not your house in the sights of an unseen American F-16.

With, without. Still deny it's what the fighting's all about?


GET BACKSHIFT HAPPENS: 12 . 19 . 13 . 6 . 10

"That's the way God planned it.
That's the way God wants it to be... Be" -- Billy Preston

During the first hours of 06.06.06, the only evidence of Evil in the world today was on Coast to Coast AM, where the author of "Unfit For Command"; who introduced the term "swift-boating", and may have single-handedly ensured a second Bush term, was complaining about the formation of a North American Union and the construction of a border to border corridor by the very President he supported.

In all scenarios where Satan comes to collect his due, the hapless human who "inked the deal", is left with a dropped jaw and a 0% approval rating.

Billy proved that "Peace Be Upon Him" is not just a catch phrase to trigger fear and suspicion of whoever says it, but a reality that remains with you as you trade one world for another.

Something we all should meditate upon tonight as Comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3-S intersects everyone's path.

As our planet heads through a week of cosmic debris towards a Continuation Of Government exercise complete with Ensure stocked bunkers and mysterious high level resignations, the only thing we can all count on is the continuation of Consciousness.

The concert for Bangladesh may seem from another time, a different world, but the message of The Beatles; all five of them, still reminds us of the Path worth walking in The End:

"Get back, get back. Get back to where you once belonged."



"If America cuts and runs in Iraq, who's going to tell the families that their loss was in vain?" -- Karl Rove, June 2, 2006

The ENDLESS BUMMER and LOLLAFALLUJAH T-shirts are over two years old, and this page itself; a reaction to the first news of the slaughter of innocent Iraqis by US forces, was begun in November of last year.

A fresh look at the UPDATE at the bottom of this page reveals the Bush answer to the horror done in our name.


Courses the Commander-In-Chief continues to fail.



The Buddha and others like him tell us that we are Spiritual Beings having a physical experience, not physical beings having a Spiritual one.

Jesus said the Kingdom Of Heaven was within you, NOT outside. ANYWHERE.

He also meant EVERYBODY.

Anyone tells you different, they're selling something*.

How did "What do you want to be when you grow up?", become "What do you want to have when you grow up?"

Addicted to All, we have come to fear the loss of what we already have and will defend it, even at the expense of our fellow beings. Even if all we have to defend to the death is a shared delusion Holy Men everywhere have always suggested we pay less attention to.

Love hurts, but everybody wants to feel it.

Life ends, but everyone wants to live it.

These aren't the End Times. They're the Spend Times. You can even buy the *Purpose Driven Game -- the Bible in 50 levels.

"Forgive them, for they know not what they do..."




If you want it.

Do you think THEY want it? Their Parents?? Their Kids???.

Probably seems like just yesterday these guys were taking naps in kindergarten instead of being pinned down in a war they can't win, a job that will only be done when the airbases and embassy are finished.

Maybe the United States will end up an order-following, lethally efficient and pitiless infrastructure with a FEDERAL BUILDING complex in every city that represents the authority of the Government -- the suburbs considered hostile, and all who live there doing so at their own risk.

Maybe we're already there.

We could be seeing the reverse process taking place in Iraq where we are exporting the best order-following, lethally efficient and pitiless infrastructure money can buy to represent the authority of the United States in another country once we prove it works in Iraq.

Maybe we're already there too.

Perhaps, in some not so distant future, our children's children's children will celebrate not the sacrifice of those who died in wars, but the death of War itself.

THAT will be a day worth honoring.

MONDAY, MAY 27, 2006

TAG TEAMSHIFT HAPPENS: You tell 'em... No YOU tell them.

Tell us what?

That "change should not be imposed" on Iran was changed to: "I emphasize I am not saying we should impose change..."

That a British plan that called for "the United States and Europe to consider giving up their traditional arrangement of having an American head the World Bank and a European run the International Monetary Fund" became "there's a powerful case for reform in the international financial institutions."

That Blair's intent to "take a tough line" on global warming and the U.S. position on the Kyoto Protocol became "we must act on climate change."

During the climate change section of the speech, a cellphone rang in the audience and Blair quipped, "I hope that isn't the White House telling me they don't agree with that. They act very quickly, these guys."

"These guys?"

Josh Lyman? Toby Zeigler?, Leo McGarry?

FRIDAY, MAY 26, 2006


So, what DID happen yesterday?

Remember the first time we heard about George W. Bush's habit of giving people nicknames?

Kenny Boy.

A corporate CEO flying a candidate around in a company jet at the expense of stockholders. A candidate who would be given the Presidency by the Supreme Court at the expense of the voters.

Some sensed a pattern even then. Pre 9-11 activities that may have set the stage for what was to come.

Much has been said about ENRON and it's part in shaping what has come to be called the post 9-11 mindset.

A mindset that doesn't even pause when it's announced that though officially found guilty on a day a comet could have struck a devastating blow to the Earth, "Kenny Boy" will be sentenced months later on, wait for it... September 11th.

Imagine that Osama Bin Laden is in custody by then, and the President gives the people of the United States the choice who will be executed and who will be pardoned... on 9-11.

As for Comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3-S, it crosses Earth's path on 06.06.06.


HECKUVA JOBSHIFT HAPPENS: Who speaks for America?

Leon Russell once suggested we find out all we could about Buckminster Fuller.

With the Bush Administration dragging the United States into a mire of confusion, suspicion, greed, and fear, that "only another Republican president" will be able to pull us out of -- it behooves all Americans to find out what Russ Feingold, Michael Moore, Natalie Maines, Dennis Kucinich, Harry Belafonte, John Murtha, Ron Paul, and Neil Young, are actually saying.

Harry Belafonte knows what it feels like to be the last man on earth. In 1959, he walked the streets of an empty New York. A city emptied by the insanity of politicians who "stayed the course" to the detriment of those who gave them the power to do exactly that.

FOE NEWS did a number on Harry 47 years later when he refused to reprise his role, as they have on all but one of the Human Beings mentioned above or pictured below; individuals whose unpardonable sin is not necessarily believing as more than half the country currently does, but to have acted on their beliefs. Individuals who are definitely part of the solution, not the problem. Ordinary people acting extraordinarily, of whom Einstein might have said: "Generations to come will scarce believe that men and women such as these ever in flesh and blood walked upon the Earth."

Russ Feingold,Michael Moore,Natalie Maines,Dennis Kucinich,Harry Belafonte,John Murtha,Ron 
Paul,Neil Young,Gangaji

Only in America.

MONDAY, MAY 22, 2006

BLUESHIFT HAPPENS: The Greatest Generation

A long time ago, I wrote in "TOL Tales: The Declassified Adventures of a TESTOR Pilot", that "the greatest generation is your own. Keep it that way."

I had no problem with Tom Brokaw pointing to my parent's generation as the greatest until I realized that he'd included George H.W. Bush without mentioning Skull & Bones or how the son of Prescott Bush had told his buddies in the Pacific that "He was going to be President".

In "MANIFOLD TIME", Stephen Baxter deals with the possible fate of today's "Indigo Children", as did H.G. Wells when he described the Morlocks hatred of the Eloi in his classic, "The Time Machine".

Saturn ate his children and perhaps the cannabilistic truth behind any "Us & Them" two-party argument is that Neophobes hate new ideas and resist change, while Neophiles embrace both.

If the strategy is to eat their young over there so we won't have to eat them over here, it's not working.

Orwell's Winston Smith was ground down in the end, and stated that 2+2=5. In 2006, the author of 1984 would smile upon seeing that the outcome in a contest between old school and New School is still unpredictable.


FRIDAY, MAY 19, 2006

GRABSHIFT HAPPENS: One Nation, Indivisible

Michael Moore is right again: "It begins...".


This however, is the headline in today's newspapers.


Hidden in the story are several other facts: The Durango was being followed by an unmarked car, acting on a cell phone tip. The driver was shot when he moved away from an officer who had just smashed the driver's side window with his baton.

Bush is probably sorry he missed it.



"If God did not want them sheared, why did He make them sheep?"

There was never any magnificence to the Bush Administration. If the classic western from 1960 were to be remade today, a defeated Calvera would have a scene where he confessed to the stunned villagers how he had been hired to threaten them by the very men they had ultimately trusted to save them.

You only have to look into the eyes of Yul Brynner and George W. Bush to see the truth of that statement.

Here's another voice from the Sixties -- one that said I could change the word Vietnam -- and a few others:

Come on mothers throughout the land,
Pack your boys off to Iraq, Iran.
Come on fathers, don't hesitate,
Send your daughters off before it's too late.
You can be the first one on your block
To have your kids come home in a box.

On your flight...

MONDAY, MAY 15, 2006


Well, now we know why the Grandson of Prescott Bush was given the secret name TEMPORARY by Skull & Bones.

Now that he has convinced those who still believe him, that the 6,000 National Guard troops being sent to the US/MEXICO border; some straight from Iraq, are only there temporarily. Already, they are being described as toothless and way too few. A description welcomed by those whose true intent has always been to force any "Citizen" on our side of the border to submit to mandantory ID upgrades in order to work and support their families.

Welcome to the Republic Of Gilead.


SUNDAY, MAY 14, 2006

The 50th Day SHIFT HAPPENS: "What's next?"

The West Wing has wrapped, and if the craft, beauty, and Art of the season finale didn't bring tears to your eyes, your Spirit needs more than a trip to church.

Human Beings may be the most precious resource in the Galaxy. If so, it can't be because of their stupidity or hatred; their ability to isolate themselves from one another in order to wage war on the enemy... on each other.

The torch has been passed before and some of us still remember how that felt. Others have seen dictators sneak, bully, or lie their way into power -- the deceived suffering -- but not forever.

This is still the Country your Fathers left you; men who refused to believe that their Sons would be living with war again, martial law could come to the United States, or U.S. troops to the borders with our neighbors, but it is where life out of balance -- a life based on killing others -- is taking us all, if not Tomorrow... then perhaps the Day After.

If there are advanced civilizations watching us as they themselves are watched by something even more advanced, they may envy our compassion and empathy, forgiveness and honesty, discriminating wisdom and Love unconditional. Qualities we neglect or ignore at the peril of Mothers and Daughters everywhere.

Great Souls have spoken before and the words of one of them echo across the decades to the depressed and misled everywhere:

"There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible. But in the end... they always fall.

Think of this... always."

Break's over.

SATURDAY, MAY 13, 2006


This is where the "More American Than You" Wall starts. In fact, part of it has been up quite a while.

San Diego County stands out in BLUE STATE California like a huge zit on Jessica Simpson's chin.

The Mayor; an ex- Police Chief whose first act appeared to be purchasing several state-of-the-art helicopters, has gotten down to business and appeared on the O'Reilly Factor to enlist Red State Rage in order to keep the wrought iron fence in place atop Mt. Soledad.


When I submitted my proposal to replace a symbol of torture and unendurable pain with a beam of Light any dead soldier could relate to, the first thing I did was to rubber stamp out the soul saddening barrier that one apparently needs to protect an unconstitutional graven image.

It's been downhill from there...

THURSDAY, MAY 11, 2006



Freedom has gone to Hell. Maricopa County to be more specific.

If Gitmo is Camp ZERO, then the tent city sprouted overnight in Arizona may just be Gitmo NORTH or Camp ONE.

The "immigration" issue has been allowed to fester so that "more American than you" voters are screaming for a fence that will keep us all in while keeping "them" out. "Enforcment First" crackdowners from Dobbs to Dobson, have been let loose and anyone without Sensenbrenner's TAMPERPROOF ID is headed for incarceration in our own desert.

Thank's a lot Jesus...

Did I say that out loud?



Things are really moving now. The approach of some event; one so powerful or profound that it changes the lives of every Human Being, is just around the corner.

Everyone's been feeling it and everyone's been dealing with it one way or another. Now, everyone's faced with whether their way has been the "right" one.

Right, as in , survival.

If the first move in your strategy was to not tell anyone else about the danger they're in, not only would Paul Revere himself disapprove of your actions, but you might be feeling a little exposed right now. Especially, if you've abused the secrecy you created for you and your peers to the detriment of everybody else.

Next, they'll blame everything on anyone trying to vote them out.

DIEBOLD and the new & improved Supreme Court are ready just in case.

TUESDAY, MAY 9, 2006


I watched the President of Iran speak on the recent anniversary of the Islamic Revolution. It was live and carried on BBC WORLD, and I watched and listened to the translation before the breaking news that Ariel Sharon was on his way to the Emergency Room replaced it.

My first thought after about ten minutes of his speech to an audience that stretched to the horizon, was that he blew the doors off George W. Bush.

My second, was that the United States or Israel had not even been mentioned, much less threatened, in the 40 to 45 minutes of the speech I saw. A speech that spoke to the future of Iran, and the Iranian youth that were responsible for bringing their country into the 21st Century. A speech that was greeted with thunderous approval that made the scripted responses at staged Republican events even more pathetic than they obviously are to those who don't pay thousands of dollars to get in.

Sharon's declining health was news for the rest of the week, and any footage from Iran was voiced over by Dobbleheads that repeated the alleged Islamic threats that I had listened for but failed to hear.

The day after Johnny Carson (Peace be upon him) died, the American people never heard him tell one of his famous jokes, but were instead TOLD about him all day long by the same Orwellian Ministers Of Information.

I have since heard Ahmadinejad actually say "Death to America!", proving at the very least that he is not as smart as the leader of Brazil which has begun it's own program to enrich Uranium, or at best, a leader who can't be trusted even when he snail-mails the leader of the Free World.

The true danger to America from this point on may not be the contents of a letter from the other side of the world, but it's "translation" by those who stole the final joy of a comedy giant instead of letting us laugh with him one last time.

An America that if not dead already, may not survive it's OWN leaders; leaders drawing a bead on comedians with TiVo, for two more years.

Peace be upon us all.

SUNDAY, MAY 7, 2006

23%SHIFT HAPPENS: Breaking Apart



"My ASS, No blame, ".

Hagbard Celine's reaction to the random throwing of the I Ching's hexagram 23 by his First Universal Cyber Kinetic Ultra-micro Programmer, or FUCKUP, is as valid today as when it was written in 1975.

We could all benefit from re-reading a book that starts with: "The history of the world is the history of the warfare between secret societies."


If for nothing else, allowing FUCKUP to point the way out; over thirty years ago, of our current situation:




The United States has sentenced an individual to life in prison for allowing a crime to happen through his inaction and failure to tell all he knew about those who actually commited the crime.

There are others who know far more about the events of September 11, 2001.

It was their inaction that was responsible for the deaths of every American that day, and today's verdict; while showing the mercy of individual Americans, will seal the fate of the group that is truly guilty when their judgment day finally comes.

SUNDAY, APRIL 30, 2006

NATION!SHIFT HAPPENS: "The Eagle Has Landed!"


HAARP can't be at 4.0 yet because Stephen Colbert; telling the jokes heard round the world, not ten feet away from the Leader of the Free World... and his WIFE... in front of a room filled with Who's Who who all laughed...


If however, there IS a setting that will drop the I.Q. of the Human Race to ten points below George Bush, some poor General had to deal with "Give me the goddamn code!"...

All night long.

With a set that must have made Semjase laugh, Stephen Colbert may have single-handedly bought Humanity some more time on the Event Clock.

Unfortunately, tomorrow, Osama's "Base" will dwarf what's left of the President's (anyone who failed to see Colbert's performance). Who do you think will get Swift-boated for that?

Is that any way to treat a true "Nation Builder", especially when it's a Nation NO ONE HATES?

As for me, I am both humbled and inspired; sure signs of impending punishment by the Gods.



HAARP is at 3.6 BILLION Volts!!!

Is it May yet?

Ever think that drilling in the Alaska National Wildlife Reserve has been held in reserve all this time to keep us arguing about the price of a single gallon of gas instead of asking how and why THIS was built?. And by whom?

How expensive is it to build a device that powers up to 3.6 billion volts?

Is "3.6 billion volts..." the decades old answer given off-handedly by some Scientist visiting DC when he was asked "how much power would it take to override the Human Genome?... On a global scale?"

As of March 9th, we may have all been living with the result of the Mother of all switches being thrown.

Maybe 3.6 is just code that there's only one more test before they reach a nice, round WEAPONS GRADE 4.0. (named after the 4th Hindu age; Kali Yuga or IRON AGE) - long before anyone questions the array's true purpose - but not long enough to keep us from allowing the "War For Men's Minds" to be won by those who think that it's a game that can only be over if everyone else loses.



I put up the first TURN OFF YOUR TV! bumper sticker after returning from EARTHDANCE 2001. I had finally made it to a three day outdoor rock festival, and television was one of the many things I had not missed while "I was away". It was Television however, that reminded me just how far away "away" really is.

In just three days, the drumbeat for War was significantly louder. A war that almost everybody you spoke to refused to acknowledge was coming. A war we now know was already planned and triggered during what has come to be known as the "Pre-9-11 world".

A war we are now told MAY NEVER END!

Perhaps turning off America's televisions for a week is an idea whose time has finally come. I guarantee that the world you think you live in will have changed dramatically in THAT seven days.

FRIDAY, APRIL 21, 2006


Last June; when it was casually announced that the 20th Hijacker was a detainee in Gitmo, I went back to find seven days in the previous May that might have lead to such a propaganda coup.


It may be hard to determine which of these moments was the most important or the least remembered, but today - with six retired Generals putting their necks in invisible nooses for warning the country about policies more deadly than changing leadership - I'll stick mine out and mention two of the upcoming Seven Days This May.


Of these two moments yet to come, it may be just as difficult to determine which is more responsible for the decisions of "leaders" that not only refuse to change, but avoid telling the truth at all costs while acting like they have nothing to lose.



George W. Bush has washed his hands of Iraq and admitted that it will be his successor that will end the war there.

This allows him to take credit for doing the "heavy lifting" only his administration could do. It also frees up the same group to do the same thing in Iran. Bush has reversed the logic and is declaring that Iran, not Iraq, will be his "legacy", and that he is the last President that will be able to launch a pre-emptive NUCLEAR strike against an enemy based on rhetoric and suspicion... so he better get busy protecting us while he still has the chance.

The Elephant in the room is the fact that he will be the first President to do so, and that Iran will not be the only country he destroys.

A Legacy no Father can point to with pride.


Corruptus InterruptusSHIFT HAPPENS: Could Have Been Worse...

Is their anybody who doesn't know how to complete the above sentence?

In "LUCIFER'S HAMMER", Jerry Pournelle and Larry Niven describe what it's like to be right about the End Of The World when the world actually ends.

As IMPENDING DOOM finally arrives, those who truly understood the nature of the threat all along, are fallen upon by all who had failed to heed their warning.

Walking around like Rajneeshies didn't help, but what if it's the fact that you vote Democratic next time that gets you special attention from the Permanent Republican Majority still in control of the United States until 2012; the end of the Mayan Calendar, of all things.

From Delay to Cunningham, libby to Abramoff, corrupt public figures; people with power over others, are floating belly-up like fish in a poisoned lake they never thought they would foul.

The BUSH/CHENEY Megalodon however, still swims beneath the surface of the Perfect Storm of it's own making, but even such a Monster can be tracked by the blood it leaves in it's wake.

Delay, Cunningham, libby, Abramoff, and others who shall go nameless are but grunnion sacrificed on the beach of public opinion. Furiously flapping, they do their damage and disappear knowing that their efforts will bear fruit long after the public wipes the sand from their feet and heads home.

Here's a bigger fish that's getting away...

American Media (AMI), was set to publish photographs showing members of Skull & Bones in compromising sexual situations when AMI received a letter containing Anthrax that killed one employee in the fall of 2001. The FBI sealed the building and New York City Mayor Rudy Guiliani and his company Bio One arranged for the purchase of the "contaminated" structure and ALL IT'S CONTENTS for pennies on the dollar. Contents that will now surely never see the light of day.

The Mayor of Amity; who won't acknowledge the presence of a Great White hunting along his beaches until it "bites him in the ass"... suffers little more than a guilty conscience as a result of "just doing his job".

Imagine if he was getting paid by the corpse.


"This was no boat accident!"

In "Titanic", James Cameron captures the moment his heroine sees the true face of her betrothed for the first time as he insists she "stay the course". It is one worth remembering as the unsinkable gives way to the unthinkable.

MONDAY, MARCH 26, 2006


Addressing the Nation's drift toward a Theocracy controlled by Prophetic Christians, the first question asked during the administration's second attempt to PR the Iraqi Civil War, was from a courageous reporter who asked if the war in Iraq and the rise of terrorism were signs of the Apocalypse.


After hoping the nervous laughter of a shocked audience would provide him an out that didn't materlialize, the President of the United States cut and ran back to the talking points of his previous speech.

Avoiding the never more obvious answer, he retreated to his fall back position of convincing us that his job is to protect us, hoping against hope that we won't act on the realization that he, and the "Father" he talks to, have already decided how many of us are expendable.

Both Old Yeller and Hitler turned on and tried to kill those who had trusted them once they finally found themselves cornered.

Take heed America...


PERMANENT?SHIFT HAPPENS: Give any Party too much rope*...

Seems like only yesterday the Daily Mirror was asking: "How can 59,054,087 people be so DUMB?", and I'm not even sure which election they were talking about.

What must the Brits think now that we've been lapped by those who did the dumbing down?

Those who disagreed with the Dubai Ports Deal are being cast as anti-Arab bigots and set against their fellow Americans in the finest Roverian fashion, keeping ANYBODY from realizing that the Bush Administration is about to break every rule in the Superpower handbook by swapping out a new generation of nuclear warheads that DON'T HAVE TO BE TESTED for the older "verifiable" warheads.

The real question about the Radical Republican Warhead (RRW) is how is anyone to know the difference?


Here's one for those 59,054,087 dummies out there.

George Allen mentions Clean Coal on Meet the Press. Meet the Press sells advertising time to, a Clean Coal proponent. The "non-profit" and "non-partisan" Learn About Coal organization's website domain name is registered to CEED, the Center for Energy and Economic Development. CEED's vice chairman is Michael Ward. Michael Ward is the chairman and CEO of the CSX Corporation. Treasury Secretary John Snow used to be the chairman and CEO of CSX. David Sanborn was the chairman of CSX/Sea-Land under Snow. In January of this year, David Sanborn was nominated by President Bush as the next Administrator of the Maritime Administration (Dept. of Transportation). Sanborn works for Dubai Ports World, which acquired CSX's ports for $1.15 billion in 2004.

Who introduced David Sanborn's nomination in the Senate?

Senator George Allen. Karl Rove's choice to replace Bush 43.

So, how is anyone supposed to expose the NSA's stealing of the last election without being threatened with incarceration by those who won?

Is finding the true killers of 9-11 as pointless as O.J looking for his Wife's murderer?

Have the obviously guilty "beaten the rap" because the RRW's will be flying long before anyone can be brought to justice by the country they so easily betrayed?

George W. Bush promised to unite and not divide. Bill O'Reilly introduced the NO SPIN ZONE. Both immediately did just the opposite and Karl Rove has encouraged 59,054,087 Americans to follow suit.

Like a chicken with it's head tucked under it's wing, we are rocked to sleep daily by the news of the "Civil War" that isn't happening in Iraq... so we won't realize the one we are being pitchforked into here at home.

Think this update's image of Bill Frist; the hypno-auctioneer of the Senate, is a little too Satanic? Take another look at the inverted stars on the GOP's Elephant.

Anyone who has seen the "VENDETTA" trailer knows that Hurt's DICTATOR character is Bush (or his replacement) and the totalitarian State depicted is more recognizable every day, but already; with the PATRIOT ACT made permanent and the REAL ID Act unofficially official (seen those on TV lately?), the critics are either missing the point or just "doing their job" as they try to convince us of anything but.

V is for Very, Very, Bad...

*"Those who are responsible will be held accountable."



Well, now we know what the Bush Strategy for "Civil War in Iraq proving to the world that Iraqis were better off under Saddam" is. Curfew.

His lesson learned from Katrina? More Military.

Call to Prayer or calls for help, the answer appears to be the same.

Guilt is a horrible burden. Making thousands pay with their lives for your personal delusion is a guaranteed E-ticket to Hell or worse. Far worse...

There are probably still some Americans who haven't seen Fahrenheit 9/11, so they didn't experience entire audiences reduced to quiet sobs in darkened theaters where no one could see their neighbor's tears. There were a few moments when I thought Mr. Moore was a little hard on Mr. Bush... moments of compassion that slipped back into rage as you realized the truth behind the exposed villiany that dared to speak and act in our name.

Time has proven the Artist with a Conscience more trustworthy. Those who still haven't found the courage to see F9/11, yet still have their original opinions shouldn't be asked about either.

Elsewhere, I have stated that there is no most important SHIFT page as they were all the "most important". This page however, like the SHIFT HAPPENS version of the Sta-Puft Marshmallow Man, may be just what I was hoping to avoid -- and this update the most unthinkable yet necessary of all.

Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics assured a future Humanity that what they had created could never turn on them or allow harm through inaction. I, Robot (some of which was done EXTREMELY well Mr. Nelson...), shows us what happens in a Post-TRON world, when the rules are circumvented and Free Speech, Civil Liberties, and the pursuit of happiness are reduced to a statement and follow-up question from an "impossible", yet newly "authorized" -- and very real enforcer: "YOU HAVE BEEN DEEMED HAZARDOUS... WILL YOU COMPLY?"

The American solution of "vote the bum out!" every four years is low hanging fruit for those who need far less time to accomplish their mission. If the Mission was to signal the Global Elite that the USA was handled and that the "War-Time President" will take care of any "speed bumps" in the Northern Hemisphere, then that huge banner may have been accurate in ways that Americans are only now finding out.

In "AMERIKA", Kris Kristoferson watched the Soviet Union take control of the United States as the Communists simply changed a few logos and billboards. If we're living in the United American Emirate, then someone only had to change two letters this time, while the "News" did the rest.

The Creator of Planetary Mysteries; where I learned the skills that have resulted in this site, will gasp when she sees this, but if all we really have to look forward to is the day that you can't find Jeff Rense, Alex Jones, DRUDGE, or the Huffington Post online -- Art Bell on the AM band, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert on cable -- or the new site linked to the icon at the top of this page; a site that may be the best way to keep the IF in SHIFT HAPPENS: THE MOVIE...




This is it. The tipping point.

Not only is the World flat, It's for sale. At least United States Ports are.

To a country OFFICIALLY tied to the deaths of thousands of New Yorkers on September 11th, 2001.

The "War On Terror" must be over -- if there ever was one, and the American People are only being told today who has won.


The ever increasing gap between those in power and those who trust them has finally replaced the middle class; comfortable home for over fifty years to the "Greatest Generation" and their Baby Boom children.

It was fun while it lasted.

"Earth vs The Flying Saucers" was the first movie one of those baby boomers saw in a theatre, and the horror of seeing someone dropped from an Interstellar Conveyance into the destruction it has wrought below, is today matched by the callousness of a Global Elite that barely notices the rest of us as it leaves for the Future it has secured for itself.

If the "President"; whose Skull & Bones name is TEMPORARY, is the first to be thrown out once his usefulness is over, some may feel there's justice after all, but we'll still have to deal with the Infinitely Indexed Memory Bank.




George W. Bush, and all who support him, are as responsible for the words on this sign as whoever was driven to write them.

Heckuva job everyone.

Americans are constantly given examples of "regimes" that do not speak for their own people; citizens inevitably described as decent if seperated from their evil rulers. How is it possible that we don't think the same applies to us? Especially when our "ruler" is currently seen by the rest of the world as the most "evil" yet?

If an Iraq peopled by Iraqis unable to disagree with Saddam Hussein was too dangerous to allow to continue, or an Iran; where all Iranians are in lock-step with their duly elected President is a nightmare waiting to happen, what must the United States; the only country to actually use Weapons of Mass Destruction, look like to the rest of the World today?



Retinal scans for parents of grade schoolers. RFID tags, National ID cards and Brain Scans for the rest of us. Homeland Security in control of your safe-deposit box. An Opposition Party more powerless than Morton-Thiokol engineers objecting to the launch of a doomed Shuttle 20 years ago.

And it was all planned.

Americans are in more danger than an '89 Camry parked in front of a chop shop. Those intent on selling the country for parts know that their real goal; throwing some of those parts away, will remain hidden until they actually open the doors and drag the shocked owners into the street.



"There is nothing wrong with this solution except that it deprives the influential people and warlords in America from hundreds of billions of dollars -- those who supported Bush's election campaign with billions of dollars."

The Bush Administration has killed tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis.

The destruction of the World Trade Center brought immediate sympathy for America and condemnation for those responsible from almost every country on the planet.

Next time, it will be our fault if the rest of the world rejoices and breathes a sigh of relief at the removal of the murderous bully they all have come to fear.

The occupation of Iraq and those behind it will be solely responsible.

Like the legendary lab monkey frantically pushing the lever in his cage to get his next dose of cocaine, those charged with "bringing us the news", are in an even more masturbatory frenzy to repeat over and over the "threat" in Osama Bin Laden's latest "DEAD MAN TALKING" message to the World; expanding upon it's politically convenient impact on tomorrow while making absolutely sure that the above quote is not officially discussed at all, much less understood today.

The lab monkey died.

Is it possible that the Scientists conducting their doomed experiment cared more for their test subject than the Politicians, Weapons Contractors, and Anchormen getting rich from the carnage and slaughter of the first five years of the Global War On Terror we've been told our children's children will still be fighting?

How far are they prepared to go in protecting their market share, their investments, their mistakes?

How far are we willing to let them?

Now that the Bush Administration has shown it can make a cat 'o nine tails out of an olive branch, and the Main Stream Media; from Nancy to Noory, Scarborough Country to the Heartland, Factor to HARDBALL, is happy to push us over the brink when we finally get there, it should be no surprise to those who gave peace a chance that history has already carved the headstone for those who turned the last remaining Superpower into the World's Most Dangerous rogue state.




Democratically elected President Mahmmoud Ahmadi Nezhad:

Believes in the imminent return of the Mahdi.

Democratically elected President George W. Bush:

Believes in the imminent return of Jesus Christ.

BOTH believe they are chosen by God to bring that event about before the other does.

Worse than Skull & Bones, Messianic Fundamentalism; exemplified by two hardliner Rulers convinced that they alone are right and that their Will in the matter will not be shaken - committed to staying the course because all who believe as they do will be spared the Final Judgment their actions bring about - is the true threat in the "War On Terror".

Much will be said about the differences between the Bush Regime and the Iranian Regime beyond these first two weeks of 2006 but there may be one aspect of both that is exactly the same.

Lost in the Cable News rush to back the President, one lone voice has pointed out that Iran is seeking Nuclear Weapons; not to threaten it's neighbors, but to consolidate it's power to abuse it's own people. Once a Nuclear Power, Iran will be hard to confront over political and human rights violations within it's own borders; a club that already has too many members

Armageddon may be the myth we should all be proving false.

Until then, any Country afraid of it's own Youth has already lost a far more important spiritual battle.


WAR ON YOUSHIFT HAPPENS: Terrorised States of America

IRAQ IS PRACTICE. TSA Viper teams will take the "three block war" from here. Here.

This may be the last update to the SHIFT HAPPENS site for as Gandalf said: "There are forces now in motion which cannot be undone".

Unfortunately, this is exactly what those who executed the masterstroke of
9-11 over four years ago had in mind.

Perhaps someone sitting in an undisclosed location, watching their favorite scene from Close Encounters Of The Third Kind - "What I need is something so scary it'll clear 300 square miles of every living Christian soul..." - had the world's worst idea (We'll need a War-Time President... We'll need a War... We'll need a reason for the War... hmmmm...... ) pop into their head and we've been paying for their epiphany ever since.

Anyone who thinks that "that leaves Osama out" should check their RACIST INDEX to see what thinking he hasn't seen Close Encounters says about your world view. If, on the other hand, the black sheep of the Bin Laden family hasn't seen CE3K... no wonder there's a problem.

Someday, everyone else will realize that the only ones profiting from 9-11 are those who have wanted to turn America into a Police State for decades now, and now have two years left to finally pull it off.

As an Air Force Brat who grew up on Military Bases, some of these pages have been as hard to write as ROBOCOP arresting an OCP Executive, but there is a Directive 4 written into the American Dream and apparently it can only be seen when you are jostled awake.

Americans content to live with voting every four years; unable to accept that that very process could be used against them, may have hit the snooze button one time too many.

From the beginning, the Buddha has kept SHIFT HAPPENS true, necessary, and as kind as possible. The final line of this DAY ONE update is no exception.

The President of the United States can no longer be trusted.



"The process of creating tomorrow's dominant force is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event - like a new Pearl Harbor." -- PNAC, September, 2000 ".

Perhaps the editor of the Weekly Standard has read Eric Drexler's "Engines Of Creation" and knows what a Dominant Force actually is.

Perhaps not. When the history of the 21st Century is written however, and there is no real mention of the United States, the process that destroyed the last Superpower will be traced back to this statement by Bill Kristol and all those who secretly rejoiced at the "process" no longer having to be a long one after the catastrophic catalyzing events just one year later.

Events that established the phrases "Post 9-11 world" and "War-Time President". Terms that 64 years after Pearl Harbor, now justify Americans being shot by Americans in America out of the sheer fear of fear itself.

In "Nightmare at 20,00 Feet", Rod Serling had a bi-polar William Shatner; just released from a sanitarium and attended to by a loving Wife, dealing with impending disaster - a doom he alone could see approaching.

Rigoberto Alpizar and his Wife met their nightmare at sea level, when they landed in the United States and discovered that their welfare was the last item on the list.

The Doom that few have seen and pointed to, is now spreading to bus depots and train stations, school halls and supermarket aisles, leaving us all - especially those who went out to check the engine cowling - in a Twilight Zone not even one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century would wish on his fans who made it into the 21st..



"When an armed and threatening power shows up uninvited over the nation's capitol, we don't meet them with milk and cookies!".

And us... with a "Wartime" President.

The Exo-Politician that encouraged the creation of the SHIFT HAPPENS website ultimately backed away from pages that were too hot for someone that had to work with people who "liked Bush". Four months later, he sits next to a former Canadian Defense Minister who is accusing the Bush Administration and the Military-Corporate complex that supports him with stumbling into an Intergalactic war that will, in fact, put the entire Planet at risk.

Things must REALLY be heating up.

Some of you may think I'm a little hard on Coast To Coast AM (and there's a coupla three thousand of you out there), but listening to the first hour of last night's show must have been as close as most of us will get to hearing the 1938 Orson Welles broadcast of "War Of The Worlds". Art Bell talks too much* and George Noory doesn't seem to be listening half the time, but thank God for C2C. It remains the one place where you'll hear it when IT happens.

The flaw in C2C is the same as with those who wield power in the government. It's not THEIR show, it's OURS. It's not THEIR government, it's OURS.

George Bush also took his show "to the next level", and the supporters who lock-stepped into his "War On Terror" are only now waking up and starting to look for another station before we all go off the air.

In Arthur C. Clarke's "Childhood's End", an "ethical" alien race; far in advance of ours, deals with mankind's shortcomings in very direct ways. Revelers packed into a bullring, anxious for the mortal blow to be delivered to the bull by the famous matador, all gasp as one when the Overlords arrange for the crowd to feel the pain of the exhausted animal as it dies.

Bullfighting stops immediately.

Hopefully the Beings we are about to meet are as wise and compassionate when they deal with those among us profiting from pain, torture, and death.

*...but I listened weeping and chuckling to EVERY WORD when he returned to the air Sunday, January 22, 2006; talking about the death of his Wife Ramona and the tortured days and nights since. Jon Stewart had to do the same during the first Daily Show after 9-11 and he had a camera on him. Art's words however - in a twist of Cosmic irony; the sort of thing that makes life on Earth so worth living even when you're forced through that which no one should be asked to endure - are admirable ambassadors of the Human Condition as they speed towards Vega. If there are countless Beings waiting to see what we'll do next, or just One, I am sure that they will give the Human Race yet another break, as I will the lone radio host to whom we all owe so much... a Man I'm glad is back.

Now, if he'll just stop calling me a WINGNUT.



On the first page of Erich Erdstein's "Inside The Fourth Reich", the author as a young man speaks to his Father for what may be the last time. It is March 12, 1938. Erdstein is 18 and Adolf Hitler has demanded that the Chancellor of Austria leave the country or be removed by force. Overnight, the Austrian government collapses and Hitler's new choice for Chancellor is headed for Linz to meet his boss.

Erich - in line with people frantic to call their families and tell them the Germans are invading Austria - is thinking how Hitler's threats against a country guaranteed independence by the Treaty of St. Germain and the League Of Nations had only been seen as bravado.

Here is the conversation from the son's first question of his father:

"Have you heard?"
"I know. Leave"
"Don't go home They'll be waiting for you. Just head south, to the border."

"Who, they?" the teenager stammers.

"They! Go!", followed by a voice every parent has used: "Erich, let us know where you are whenever you can."

"I don't have any money. I don't have a passport. I don't have any clothes. How can I go?"

Dad finally puts his foot down.


Father to three Daughters, I know how Mr. Erdstein felt and though I may not get a similar phone call from them, I can't speak for fans; ardent or otherwise, of the SHIFT HAPPENS site.

Today, Representative John Murtha made a speech in the House of Representatives worthy of any leader entrusted with the welfare of those he is sworn to serve but you won't hear it unless you were watching C-SPAN. Immediately countered by the Representative intent on building a wall from San Diego to Brownsville, Murtha's words will be lost in the voice-overs of those guarding the unlit pyres reserved for all Un-Americans who disagree with the President.

A President returning from his Asia trip to an audience fluffed up better than ticket holders at the Tonight Show.

The man that swore to return civility and Integrity to the White House is perfectly positioned to make the ultimate "With us or against us" speech. A speech aimed not at "terrorists" abroad, but at "unpatriotic" Americans here at home.

Those who did his dirty work for him, are taking off for a two week vacation...




Tucker Carlson has earned his "KING ME!" place in the FOE NEWS "Axis Of Evil" with his negative response to the surprisingly large email response from viewers demanding more time for the second "official" mention of the possibility that the World Trade Center was brought down by controlled demolition.

Second, because some may remember the following quote from Dan Rather on the morning of September 11, 2001 as he watched WTC 7 being pulled: "Amazing, incredible, pick your word. For the third time today, it's reminiscent of those pictures we've all seen too much on television before, where a building was deliberately destroyed by well placed dynamite to knock it down."

Dan Rather himself, was later brought down by a well leaked memo; a memo whose signature was more important than it's contents.

No Dan Rather, Carlson has joined Art Bell in claiming anyone that thinks the United States or George Bush are responsible for 9-11 should " leave the country" - irresponsibly forcing their audiences into a ridiculous choice that avoids the ever more real possibility that the events of 9-11 WERE an inside job and there IS blood on official American hands.

"LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT" was the brain dead threat first hurled at Americans who questioned the Gulf of Tonkin incident. Germans who questioned the burning of the Reichstag and the subsequent Enabling Act were forced to leave their country... in cattle cars. Framing an argument so that it remains an argument when your task is to investigate the argument itself is the opposite of investigative journalism. Doing it at the expense of those who tune you in for an answer deserves a quick turn of the dial.

Tucker ended up on MSNBC after he had his head handed to him by Jon Stewart. Perhaps we'll finally get the truth when the BYU Professor that was treated so rudely on "The Situation", goes on The Daily Show and breaks the story of the century... in spite of the best efforts of "Official A", "B", or "C".


2008 TOO LATE!SHIFT HAPPENS: Strategy for Victory

A confidential memo circulating among senior Republican leaders suggests that a new attack by terrorists on U.S. soil could reverse the sagging fortunes of President George W. Bush as well as the GOP and "restore his image as a leader of the American people."

The closely-guarded memo lays out a list of scenarios to bring the Republican party back from the political brink, including a devastating attack by terrorists that could "validate" the President's war on terror and allow Bush to "unite the country" in a "time of national shock and sorrow."

The memo says such a reversal in the President's fortunes could keep the party from losing control of Congress in the 2006 midterm elections.



America - more specifically, everyone who voted for George W. Bush - meet WILLY PETE.

TODAY; as Saddam Hussein sits accused of using chemical weapons to murder hundreds of Iraqi civilians, the World Press is reporting that the United States has done the exact same thing.

All this while the White House counsel's office conducts ethics refresher courses for those who fought to have Iraq invaded and occupied.

In their blind efforts to "Stay The Course", and "get the job done", the White House Iraq Group will probably take an "incomplete" rather than acknowledge that in their case -

F is for FAILURE.

The pages that were successful in bringing these unpardonable crimes to light are linked below in the reverse order they were


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