Sometimes I wonder if James Cameron sleeps better than I.

I was working in sight of the Griffith Park Observatory in 1984 so the opening scene of TERMINATOR was not lost on me. Seven years later, the T-1000 walked out of the flames, and I walked out of T2 in Colorado Springs thinking how I could move my Wife and Family (all 6 of us) back to L.A. when I plugged back in to the FX business I had left only three years earlier

There are a few reasons that didn't happen. Trust me, this is the easiest one to explain.

One month later, I read the T2 novelization and discovered that the war against the Machines was won in Colorado Springs... in 2029. Seemed like training the Parents of the children who would defeat SKYNET was a good reason to be in that same city 38 years ahead of the bad guys. Also seemed like an even better reason not to leave quite yet.

T3: The Battle For Cheyenne Mountain went on for 3 years and by the end of the third Garden Of The Gods NO FATE show, the Resistance was well on it's way.

One Daughter later, Arnold had been invited to all the shows with the ultimate goal being Judgment Day finales in both Los Angeles and at the foot of NORAD where the defeat of SKYNET would be formally celebrated. After all, Arnold had his own jet.

The TERMINATOR had other plans.

July, 1997... I found myself writing HTML, photo-shopping over windows of B-2's, and posting the keystone in the NO FATE arch on the Internet weeks ahead of schedule. Soon after that, I was showing the appropriate URLs to James Cameron's right-hand man on Stage Two at Digital Domain, while preparing to produce the last NO FATE show in Ukiah... all prior to August 29th.

Life IS what happens while you're making plans.

James Cameron had single-handedly shown us the folly and horror of weaponizing Artificial Intelligence, and I had organized the logical response; a role-playing game that was won by gaining Spiritual Practice Points. A game designed by all who played. A game that ultimately allowed the maternal side of female Terminators to connect with feral Resistance children. A GAME THAT ENDED in 1994 when the Resistance - deep in the bowels of the Alien Base below NORAD, re-programs the SKYNET mainframe with the TRUE history of the Human Race; a file posted on the Internet 3 years after it is written - an archived copy of which is found and used in 2029 thus negating the need for the original attack... Win Without War.

I wondered which one of us was more surprised when Arnold threw all that away and resurrected the War with it's "struggle / Evil Woman" version, turning T3 into a franchise that would finance his run for Governor and give him something to fall back on if denied the Presidency

Free Planet...

But why was his first move to hire the very people who would build SKYNET in the first place?

So, imagine our thoughts upon seeing the January 2006 cover of Popular Science with it's headline of "TOMORROW'S ROBOT ARMY: Inside the Pentagon's Plans for a Soldier-Free Battlefield" screaming from magazine stands from Gower & Sunset to the Rite-Aid nearest you.

The horror.

The horror...

I suspect Jim is just fine, having dealt with oxymorons his whole film career. The armed Predator-B's bringing Hellfire to Pakistan, and scanning the Border from Brownsville Texas to San Diego, will leave Hollywood alone for a while.




As for me, waking alone seems a steep price to pay to win a war others insist on continuing to fight, but sleep finds me having done my best to actually bring about a "soldier-free battlefield".