"They're trying to immanentize the Eschaton!"

Somewhere, a brave Soul is wearing the world's most dangerous T-shirt. A shirt that asks the question: "What's an Axis Of Evil look like anyway?". A shirt that incorporates the faces of 7 of the 23 Administration Officials connected to the investigation of treasonous activity directed from the White House into one possible answer.

 A shirt purchased over a year ago.

The counter-clockwise swastika is a frightening image. It speaks of fanatical loyalty to a cause forced upon an unsuspecting population by a power elite obsessed with control over those outside their inner circle of authority. Freedom IS free. It is the cost of maintaining control over others that always proves too high.

Perhaps more frightening is the rumor that many of the power elite struggling to maintain control of the United States are fanatical enough in their belief that God is only on their side, that they are beyond the judgment of those they are sworn to serve. Evangelical zealots answerable to higher voices only they, and those like them can hear; the ever guiltier stumble into an End-Time strategy that looks more and more like a bad High School drama club adaptation of Illuminatus! sponsored by D.A.R.E.

Most frightening of all however, is that every one of those pictured below planned, promoted, and conducted the Iraq war... and will be instantly exonerated if the smoking gun of a "mushroom cloud over an American city" finally appears.

Two of them can still make that happen.