TEA BAGGER BAGGER / 07.29.2010

"If the Americans ever conquer the world, it'll be on account of their cinema, not their guns."



How many political movements must one start?

With the country ever more divided into "who watches what news channel", or "who votes for what idol", this may no longer be a rhetorical question.

Maybe the answer is what I get for reading about a "hawk on stilts" in Harry Turtledove's COLONIZATION: DOWN TO EARTH. No good deed left unpunished.

Having used the Gadsden Flag myself in 2002, and the necessary follow-on 8 years later, I was concerned about the current abuse of same by disgruntled Americans who should have been protesting their treatment throughout the Bush years, but chose to speak up only after they lost an election. Americans who have begun threatening to correct that situation with concealed and carried guns. Americans advocating the armed overthrow of the United States government.

Remember, the line is "enemies, foreign and domestic."


Are the lives of innocent Iraqis and Afghans less important than the contents of your wallet? How about the lives of your neighbors?

REPEATING: How did "HELL NO, WE WON'T GO!", become "Hell Nay, We Won't Pay"?

Or, sooner than you might think, just "NO!", with Hell soon to follow.

Anti-war and non-violent to the end, I have removed the "Snake in the grass" in favor of the threat-challenging, bluff-calling Secretary Bird (in Secret Dakini terms, a Protector to those who value Absolute Truth and a ruthless destroyer of those who deny it) who dares to tread where others tremble. Though there are no tea bags dangling from it's beak, Reptilicans (you know who you are) beware.

Artist from the beginning, I offer the TEA PARTY PATROL merch solely for the joy of seeing the new symbol of "Tolerance, Empathy, Action, on everything from mousepads to mugs, to stash boxes, to office clocks and stickers that hopefully start showing up everywhere. If you doubt the power of the image, try wearing a TEA PARTY PATROL TEE to Glenn Beck's upcoming "Martin Luther Who?" event in the "DON'T TREAD ON ME" capitol of the world.





Tyranny is where you find it. Unfortunately, from the Animal Farm to the Shire, to the Restored United States of America and Ogden Marsh*, it's often found where you least expect it.

Symbols may be more powerful than we know, but action still speaks louder than words.

Just ask a Hawk on stilts.

Michael Sterling / Opposing Solo / 07.29.2010


*"Tell you what. Don't ask me why I can't leave without my Wife. I won't ask why you can."